Swimming lessons

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Swimming lessons are currently suspended until further notice. 05.10.21

Swimming is a life skill, here at Stanground academy swim school we think it is essential for all children to be confident in and around water. We offer lessons for all abilities of children from the ages of 3 through to 16 years of age. Our swim school follows the Swim England learn to swim criteria, which is a national curriculum. The aim is to develop our swimmers through fun and enjoyment, not only will we teach all four strokes but also a number of other skills, which when put together, give children the ability to do other water- based sports. All of our swimming teachers attain either a Swim England level 1 or level 2 teaching qualification. 


Please email scentre@stangroundacademy.org if you have any questions or queries or contact us on 01733 821431. 



Lessons are paid for in 12 week blocks, these may vary depending on the time of year. Payments are welcomed by debit/ credit card. As we dont have a viewing gallery we offer 2 watching weeks per block where you are allowed onto the poolside to see your child's development. 

Our beginner sessions run for 30 minutes, and our more advanced sessions run for an hour.

Pricing: 30 minute lesson- £81 for a 12 week block in advance.

                60 minute lesson- £99 for a 12 week block in advance. 

Swimming lesson times:

Monday 4- 4:30pm                    Friday 4- 4:30pm

            4:30- 5pm                              4:30- 5pm

            5- 5:30pm                              5- 5:30pm

            5:30- 6pm                              5:30- 6pm

            6pm- 7pm                              6- 7pm

Wednesday 4- 4:30pm                Sunday 9- 9:30am

                 4:30- 5pm                            9:30- 10am

                 5- 5:30pm                            10- 10:30am

                 5:30- 6pm                            10:30- 11am

                 6- 7pm                                 11am- 12am


  • All children must wear a swimming hat, both for hygiene and safety reasons. 
  • All babies/ toddlers who are not toilet traned must wear a swim nappy.
  • Everybody must shower before enetering the swimming pool in order to keep our pool as clean as possible.
  • If your child/ children have been sick with the previous 48 hours we ask that they do not attend in order to minimise the risk of spreading bugs, bacteria and infections.
  • No parents on poolside unless it is a selected watching week.